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Casino   |   March 24, 2022

Updated Beginner’s Guide to Wagering Requirements

Casinos will do anything it takes to get your hard-earned money from you. You need to compare different vendors to find the greatest bargain. The casinos aren’t throwing out free money, though. Don’t be deterred by the “wager requirement” that casinos use to describe their rules.

It is up to new players to decide whether or not the wagering requirements are worth the effort. There’s no harm in letting them try out new games if they’re interested. You need to familiarize yourself with the jargon each casino employs to understand what you are getting into. You stand a chance to win huge payouts if you do things right.

What Do You Mean by Wagering Requirements?

To get the most out of your time at a particular online Casino after signing, you may take advantage of a wide variety of bonus offers. These offers include promos, cash bonuses, free spins, and free bets. These deals, however, are subject to wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements are multipliers that indicate how often a player must bet a bonus before withdrawing any earnings. Standard Game Weightings will apply to most games when it comes to wagering requirements. You need to read the terms and conditions print to make sure you understand what you’re signing up for.

The casino will hold any earnings you accrue throughout your play to fulfil your wagering requirements in a pending balance. Your pending balance is non-transferable. To lower your wagering requirement, you might use the pending funds.

A wagering requirement for a bonus applies when you accept or apply a bonus. You must meet the bonus wagering requirements before the casino may release any pending cash to your Main Wallet. The casino will send all bonus monies to your Wallet once you complete this step.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

Before you can pay out any bonus dollars or associated wins, you must first wager through a specific multiplier using a cash bonus. Let’s imagine you get a 20X wagering requirement on a cash Casino bonus. It implies that you must wager your bonus amount twenty times before you can cash out your bonus and any associated profits.

When you use free spins, you may also meet wagering requirements. The multiplier only applies to the prizes you get from the free spins, as they don’t come with a monetary value. For you to receive a free bet, there are generally conditions attached. You may have to deposit before you can get the bonus. You may only be able to wager on events with specific odds based on the casino.

How Do You Calculate Your Wagering Requirements?

The procedure for determining the wagering requirements is a piece of cake. Enter the data, and you’ll have a starting point:

Amount of Bonus X Amount of Requirement to Wager = Amount of Total Bet

Let’s assume your initial deposit is €100 into the account. You’ll receive a €100 match bonus. Suppose your wagering requirement is 20X, the calculation would be as follows: (€100) X (20) = €2,000.

Some casinos may offer you a sticky bonus. As part of the wagering criteria, you should include your original deposit.

{ (Initial Deposit Amount + Bonus Amount) } X (Wagering Requirement) = Total bet

Let’s substitute the formula with figures: { (€100 + €100) } X (20) = €4,000.

These figures appear significant, yet they are not challenging to achieve. You may use the bonus money won to place bets, and if you do so strategically, you should be able to meet the wagering requirements and still have some money left over.

How Do You Beat & Meet Wagering Requirements?

Since when reading the terms and conditions before joining a casino has been deemed too much of a hassle for most of us? To comply with regulatory obligations, casinos will try their utmost to make newbies work for whatever freebies they have to give. Understanding the complexities of how wagering requirements work and how to play the smart way is essential to meeting and exceeding your wagering needs.

Make sure that the casino you choose has fair bonus terms and has a high reputation among gamers before you sign up for an account. The casino must be easy to use, licensed and regulated, and have customer assistance available whenever you raise questions or concerns to be safe and secure.

Play games that contribute the most to your wagering requirement. The majority of online slots give 100 percent of your stake. Card and table games might only contribute 50 percent or less. Playing the slots will help you reach your goals more promptly and with less effort.

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