Cricket   |   May 18, 2022

Cricket Betting Tips and Tricks

Placing wagers on cricket is similar to understanding the rules of the game. The best bettors need a solid plan to transform their bets into money. More so with cricket. There are several betting techniques that any bettor can use to make money from the thrill of cricket.

Cricket matches can take anywhere from three hours to five days, depending on your game type. You may use various betting techniques for different sorts of matches that work best for any bettor. If you’re interested in betting on cricket, here is a guide with the most effective strategies available today.

How Do Betting Strategies for Cricket Work?

It’s fun to wager on cricket since there are different ways to do it. Some examples of wagers that would work well in a system include straight betting; wagering on individual players; wagering on a team’s performance, and wagering on games while they are taking place. Bettors combine multiple bets onto a single “cricket ticket” scheme to maximize the odds. 

You may use your technique to split the stake across several individuals or teams to secure your gains. It is also possible to employ cricket betting strategies to place a lay bet on the listed bets. You may bet on elite bowlers, batters, etc. The easy way to wager on cricket is using a quantitative or game-based strategy. Here is a selection of some compelling cricket betting strategies available today.

Dogon Betting Strategy

The Dogon Betting Approach is the most prevalent and well-liked among beginners in the cricket betting realm. Increase your wagers until they cover all of your past losses with the Dogon Betting Strategy. Bettors should raise the stakes to a higher sum after a defeat. The procedure continues until the intended rewards, and all earlier bets have been recovered.

Here’s a case in point. The $10 you bet on a particular cricket match is a total loss. You lose $20 again the next time you bet. As a result, the third time around, you bet $40, hoping to recoup all of the money you’ve lost thus far.

Using this basic mathematical strategy can provide some short-term profit. However, it might lead to bankruptcy if you do it too often. You need to exercise caution when using this method because it is linked to the allocation of your funds.

“Percentage of Bank” Betting Strategy

If you are looking for the most enticing cricket betting technique for novice and unskilled cricket bettors, the ‘Percentage of Bank’ is for you. The ‘Percentage of Bank’ strategy demands a predetermined wager percentage of the deposit. 

A ‘Percentage of Bank’ strategy based on a Chelsea-Arsenal game might look something like this:

You have $100 in your bank account. If Arsenal wins with 2.0 odds, your bankroll will increase from $100 to $105. Once more, you’re wagering at 5 percent. However, this time, it’ll be $5.25.

Your bankroll will be $110.25 and your 3rd bet, which is 5%, is $5.5125 if you win this one, too. However, if you lose the second wager, you will reduce your bankroll to $99.75, and your third bet will cost you $4.9.

The Kelly Criterion Strategy

The Kelly Criterion drives bettors to consider how much money they should bet and which bets may be applied to this strategy. Using this mathematical cricket betting approach helps you increase your winnings.

It will be easier to understand the significance of the Kelly formula’s negative or zero probabilities. Try to find flaws in the specific betting lines that you believe should have alternative odds.

If we had to use a simple example, it would be a game between England against France. Suppose that the bookmaker assigned France 2.20 odds of winning the game. France’s chances of victory will be 45%. France’s chances of winning or drawing the match in Wembley are substantially lower than they are in their country. 

Martingale Betting Strategy

The Martingale approach is a mathematical form of the Dogon Betting Strategy; a means to wager on cricket with steadily increasing bets. You should gamble twice as much money on your next wager if you lose. You’ll want to make sure that your next wager is equivalent to your winnings if you do win.

When you lose a bet, you raise your stake following the Martingale method of cricket betting. The Martingale approach might be the sole option for cricket bettors who wish to minimize their losses when on a losing run. It is both intriguing and risky.

Oscar’s Grind Betting Strategy

There are subtle modifications to the Martingale approach in Oscar’s Grind strategy. Oscar’s Grind can create long-term losses since bets have to be above 50 percent. You won’t have to raise your bets after each losing bet if you use this cricket betting method. 

The stakes will rise with each win, and experts recommend starting with a wager equal to a twelfth of your total cricket gambling budget. To play Oscar’s Grind successfully, gamble on outcomes with odds greater than 2.0. With each win, you double your wager size. You may use Oscar’s Grind Strategy in ODI, T20, and Test Matches for short runs and clashes.

The Final Verdict

Every wagering approach has its unique winning processes. Some might be riskier but profitable, while others are safe and valuable over time. Choose your sportsbook before deciding on a strategy. The best spot to test cricket betting strategy is a sportsbook with good winning odds and bonuses.