Cricket   |   April 28, 2023

Prithvi Shaw’s Childhood Coach Opens Up About His Poor IPL 2023 Run

Prithvi Shaw, the Delhi Capitals’ batter, has been facing criticism for his lacklustre performance in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023. He has lost his spot in the previous match against Sunrisers Hyderabad and has been struggling to find form in the tournament. However, his childhood coach, Prashant Shetty, recently opened up about the situation, shedding some light on the batter’s struggles.

In an interview with News18, Shetty stated that the first few matches are crucial for maintaining momentum and that expectations, both his and Shaw’s, were not met in the early games. “Expectations, definitely, both his and mine, weren’t met in the first few games. But this is how his game plan and mindset have been over the years. It’s on the riskier side. He takes that risk. For a player like him, the first two matches are very important,” Shetty said.

Shaw has featured in six matches and returned a string of low scores with 12, 7, 0, 15, 0, 13 to his name. However, Shetty remains optimistic about the batter’s chances, stating that he has been batting well in the nets and his spirits are high. Follow your favourite IPL team with the best betting odds from NextBet.

“His spirits are high. He is batting well in the nets. See, he is young but also experienced enough to know that if you are batting well in the nets, it can click at any moment in the match,” he said.

Shetty added that Shaw’s game plan is on the riskier side, but the management has confidence in him, which is evident from the long run they have given him. “It’s a different story if one doesn’t bat well in the nets and doesn’t get the confidence of the management. The management has given him a long run, so even they have confidence in him,” Shetty said.

Despite Shaw’s struggles, the Delhi Capitals have won two games on the trot and will look to continue their winning momentum in the upcoming match against Sunrisers Hyderabad on April 29. As for Shaw, he will be raring to make a comeback with a big knock and silence his critics. Follow NextBet Sports for all the latest updates from IPL 2023.