Boxing   |   September 30, 2021

Sports Betting odds for Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury

In August, Tyson Fury was to fight Anthony Joshua for the undisputed heavyweight championship crown. However, an arbitrator ruled out that Tyson Fury had to face Deontay Wilder as of 15th September. First, the contract signing between Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury bout was on 24th July. The trilogy fight was to take place in Las Vegas, but they called it off after Tyson Fury tested positive for Covid-19 on 9th July. 

How Tyson Fury and Wilder 2 Rematch Played Out

On 22nd February March, the rematch between Tyson Fury (Gypsy King) and Deontay Wilder (Bronze Bomber) ended in a split draw at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, Fury had an outstanding performance with 114-112 for Tyson Fury and 115–111 for Deontay Wilder. 

Fury was battling an ankle injury that caused a hindrance to his movement. He had a hard time getting up and down the ring but still managed to get in some good shots. On the other hand, Wilder landed more punches than Fury, but it wasn’t enough to get Fury down.

The fight started slow for both fighters trying to find their rhythm. After a while, though, Fury began to take control of the match. Wilder tried to stay close so he could land counters, but Fury was always one step ahead of him. Fury won when Wilder gave in the seventh round. Deontay Wilder lost the belt during the bout match but enacted a rematch clause. 

Wilder Vs Fury 3 Playout Odds & Prediction 

On 27th September, the Bovada sports betting platform listed the odds as -300 for the Gypsy King, +200 for a tie, and +220 for the Bronze Bomber. This means you need to bet $300 to earn back your original stake plus a profit of $100 if the Gypsy King emerges the victor. The betting markets seem to give Fury just over evens to beat Wilder. However, if you wager on Deontay Wilder, they will earn $220 plus the original stake. That implies Tyson Fury has a winning probability of at least 75.00 percent while Deontay Wilder 31.25 percent.

Tyson Fury is the favorite to win this fight because he has been in the world title bout for a long time. He will be looking to impact his debut and get himself into contention for another shot of undisputed heavyweight championship crown. The bookmakers have him as the underdog against unbeaten American boxer Deontay Wilder who is currently ranked number three by BoxRec, Ring Magazine, and Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. has also ranked Wilder as the 9th best active boxer.

The only thing that could stop Fury from winning would be if Wilder could land some big punches early on. If Wilder can do enough damage, then it may well be too late for Fury to recover. However, we should expect Fury to come out fighting hard and try to take advantage of any mistakes made by Wilder. It looks like Fury will want to keep things close until the end when he knows he has done enough work to secure and retain victory.

Bet365 Wagering for the Trilogy 

When wagering on a fight on Bet365, you have to make sure that the outcome is not in question. If it’s an even match-up and one fighter has a slight advantage over another, there will be no way of knowing who won until after the bout is finished. This can lead to frustrating situations where people are betting against their favorite because they don’t want to risk losing money if the other guy wins.

You should always look at things from both sides before making any decision. For example, let’s say you’re wagering between Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury. Bet365 online betting odds for the winner were heavily favoring Tyson Fury, but he was getting outworked by Deontay Wilder, so you decide to back him up to see what would happen. Well, as soon as the bell rings, you realize that you made a mistake backing the wrong. Your loss could have been avoided had you waited until the end of the entire fight to place your bets.

In boxing, we call these “split decisions.” They occur when two judges score a fight differently than each other. It doesn’t matter which judge gave the higher number; all that matters is how many rounds the fighters fought.