Cricket   |   March 24, 2023

“I find it hard to imagine increase in injuries”- Shastri expresses opinions on increasing injuries

Former Indian cricketer and head coach Ravi Shastri has put out his opinion on a number of prominent players getting injured, and has also offered a solution to overcome the problem. Shastri feels that the volume of cricket that the Indian international players are currently playing is far too much, and might be the root cause of the multiple fitness issues that plague some of the important members of the side. 

Shastri said that the number of players who have been able to play at the highest level for an extended period of time has gone down as the years have passed, despite tremendous advancements in medicine, nutrition, and fitness. He attributes this to the emergence of an intense and hectic cricketing schedule throughout the year that has taken over world cricket. Follow the Indian cricket team with the best betting odds from Empire777.

Numerous T20 leagues, The Hundred, and other such tournaments, which will be played in addition to international cricket have resulted in players picking up injuries much faster, according to Shastri. 

“I find it hard to imagine an increase in injuries. You look at the era we played in, the facilities that were available at that time. You found players playing 8-10 years easily. Lot of them would play 8-10 months of the year. I really don’t know.. probably the volume of cricket has increased, no questions about that. There are different leagues around the world. The rest period is decreasing,” Shastri said.

The former coach said that the only workaround to avoid this is for franchises to allow their key players to rest for a game or two when the schedule gets too tight. Shastri said this was essential if the players needed to survive at the top for a longer time period. He made sure to highlight the role of the BCCI in this regard, saying that they need to step in when the need is clear. Get more updates about the Indian Cricket Team on Empire777 Sports.

“The establishment and players will have to sit across the table. You need that much cricket and you need to give yourself a break. Even if it happens to be the IPL. Board has to take the stand there, tell the franchises, ‘listen, we need them. India need them. For India’s sake, if he doesn’t play those games, it will be good’,” the former coach concluded.