Cricket   |   March 3, 2023

“Pakistan should go and answer with cricket”- Abdur Rehman slams BCCI over Asia Cup hosting issue

A political saga is likely to develop between India and Pakistan with regards to the hosting rights of the Asia Cup in 2023. Pakistan, who are the official hosts of the premier Asian tournament at the moment, are faced with the odds of the tournament being shifted to a neutral location such as the United Arab Emirates as a result of the tense political climate between the two rival nations.

Despite Pakistan being awarded the hosting rights for the 2023 edition of the Asia Cup, there was always the possibility of India refusing to travel to their neighbouring country due to the untenable relations between the nations. That possibility has perhaps now come to fruition, not surprisingly however, as BCCI Secretary and current Asian Cricket Council President Jay Shah has repeatedly insisted over the last several months that the tournament will be shifted outside Pakistan. Get attractive odds on India-Pakistan matches on Nextbet.

Shah also made it abundantly clear that there will be absolutely no question of the Indian side travelling to Pakistan and in the event that the tournament is held there, the Indian team will withdraw from the tournament.

The Pakistan Cricket Board at the time hit back at the BCCI, claiming that their Indian counterparts were indulging in unhealthy politics which would only worsen the relations between the two nations, and also would stifle the growth of sport in the country.

Former PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja had also criticised the ruling party at the centre in India, the BJP, and had claimed that they were behind the moves of the BCCI. The Pakistan cricket governing body has also threatened to pull out from the 2023 50-over World Cup, which is set to take place in India later this year.

Former Pakistan cricket Abdur Rehman has criticised the BCCI over the recent developments, and hinted that the ICC was under the BCCI’s control. However, he claimed that India had the freedom to refuse to travel to Pakistan but was of the opinion that Pakistan should nonetheless travel to India and “answer them with cricket”.

“ICC is under India. Whoever is working in ICC are all Indians. And 60-70 per cent funds are also generated by India. Pakistan should go because we want to play. We aren’t in a position to say no. We anyway play so much cricket in Dubai. If India don’t want to come, that’s fine, but we should go there and answer back with cricket,” Rehman said.

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